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nothing fresh about this February 27, 2010

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So k and I went to a track meet in the western suburbs.
It has been awhile since I’d been to a high school meet.
Anyway meet went well.
Then we go to eat at panera.
When we pay k hands the girl a $5.
She holds it up to the light to examine its authenticity.
Odd I thought maybe a store policy.
K was annoyed and he held the change up to light.
But I watched her, she didn’t check anyone else’s bills.
Then the courtesy busboy passed us by not once but twice. The second time I was deliberately trying to catch his eye as he walked past our table.
No such luck I was invisible.
What are the odds?
The only black people (wait minorities period) in the place get their money checked and get ignored.
How is it possible to balance the extremes?
Hypervigilance and indifference.
Then there was this random man literally glaring at me during his meal.
Maybe I’m connecting dots that aren’t there but if you’ve been there you know what it’s like.
Ahh diversity is good for the soul


Hump Day February 24, 2010

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Ahh Wednesday’s…
They are great the work week is half gone.
The weekend is even closer.
But for some reason Wednesday’s seem so long and I’m so tired by the end of the day.
Today actually went quickly.
I’m so ready for Friday.
Wednesday’s get not glory
You can’t wait for them to come but as soon as the day starts we’re ready for the weekend.
And. Thursday’s barely get thought of.
The weekend is sacred.
And Monday’s are equally loathed.
Wednesday’s hump day.
Tuesday and Thursday get the short end of the stick.


School Days February 22, 2010

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i work in a school

i was talking to a student today

he asked me where i lived

of course i did not give a real answer

he said i’m coming over to your house tonite

i said that’s exactly why i didn’t tell you where i lived

he said i’m going to come over and then i’m gonna have to fight you know

who i said

your husband he said then he’s going to go to jail then i am going to grow up and then you are going to say yes

yes to what i said

you are going to marry me he said

now isn’t that about random


comment of the day February 21, 2010

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I went out for Mexican food after church.
It was fabulous by the way.
Anyway my server was like I love your hair.
Its so pretty. I said thanks.
Then she says did you pay for it?
I was assuming she meant the food….
But she went on I mean did you go somewhere to have it done. Nope I did it at home.
then she added that she liked it so much
Kinda random



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so yeah winter still going strong

speaking of winter … weatherman… meteorologists

in some ways they are terrorists

yes homeland security should be stalking the weather channel

especially this time of year

this is the weathergirl’s time to shine

nothing really to report in the summer

nothing really to report in the fall

nothing again in the spring … albeit some rain


winter storm warnings


all provided by your friendly (menacing) weather person

and people react to the forecast this time of the year more than any other

people call of work… reschedule travel plans… stay home … empty out grocery stores 

because of forecasted or future (as in not currently happening) events

you can be peacefully watching your favorite show and then it happens

the threatening messages scroll across the screen

or your show can be interrupted entirely by the national weather service

oh the power they weld… those weatherroist


Random Freshness

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this is my first time posting on my own blog

i  decide i wanted to blog because i have plenty of thoughts

it is debatable whether they will interest any other person



Hello world!

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