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standardized tests March 6, 2010

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There is something evil about making kids (or people in general) take tests that are normed for unnaturally quirky well traveled socialite. The kids have to take state tests starting in 3rd grade. They started testing this week and the stress level for students and teachers is so intense. People are cracking daily. Oh and the best part is the kids are supposed to have learned everything they need to know by the end of the school year (June) NOW. Some genius legislators decided that the kids need to prove what they learned through one particular method when we know that there are many different learning styles. And these same government officials state that we must differentiate instruction in the classroom. We teach it 1000 ways But we test the knowledge in 1 way. Where’s the logic in that? I believe in elementary school that learning should be an adventure, fun, and yes a challenge. But it shouldn’t be anxiety producing.


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