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i love spring April 9, 2010

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So spring is checking in and out
So here’s my top 10 reasons SPRING is where it’s at

10. Green is my favorite color. Most colors look best in the magnificence of nature. The grass gets refreshingly green.

9. Speaking of colors. The cold harsh grips of gray winter melt away. Springs color palate is to die for. Even the sky looks bluer.White is white hot. For those of us who live in places where the snow gets piled on, the whites of spring are a lovely change. Fluffy clouds, budding trees, and white flowers add some romance.

8. Leave those protective styles behind. A wash n go or a wild fro let the gentle breezes run through your strands. Natural hair can be released to the whimsy of the masses.

7. Fresh air. I open my windows in the house and the car daily just to get a taste of spring.

6. Waking up to birds chirping. Seriously gimme a breeze, some sunlight, and natures finest soundtrack and I’m good.

5. The feel of the sums rays on your body. So yeah most of have seen the sun from time to time over the past few months. But seeing and feeling are two drastically different things.

4. Spring Holidays. Palm Sunday, Resurrection Sunday, and Mother’s Day. We celebrate some of the most important things in life in the spring, Jesus and mothers. Who doesn’t  love Easter with the lilies, hats, flowers, white stockings and gloves on little girls, new dresses, the resurrection, the reason for salvation and freedom, and I could go on forever. And a time to recognize mom’s for all that they do.

3. Flowers. There are certain flowers that only make appearances at specific times of year. I personally love tulips, hyacinths and daffodils. But you can also look out your window and see scillia, pussy willows, muscari, and primrose to name a few. And don’t get me started on flowering trees… beautiful.

2. Spring rain. Trade in those snow boots for some cute rain boots. Grab your dazzling umbrella and dance in the rain. Spring rain helps revive the land and is a pleasant change from the other things that fall from the sky in the winter months.

and the number 1 reason spring rules is quite simply


i know you may be thinking this is bit late

never fear i live in chicago spring just started here like 2 seconds ago


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