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Target’s Naturally Curly Outreach April 18, 2010

So Target has several natural friendly brands now in stock.

My local store has Miss Jessie’s, Jane Carter Solution, Curls and (this one I never heard of before) Shea Moisture. This evening I was perusing what was available and this girl comes up. She’s like, “Hello I like your hair”. Is it some unspoken law that you have to speak out to other naturals? But anyway I was looking at the Miss Jessie’s stuff just because thinking seriously really $58.00. I have never tried any of the line and at this point don’t plan to. The majority of the Jane Carter and Curls products were sold out. I don’t know how long they’ve been in the store. I was there yesterday and didn’t notice. I like the idea of making the products more available. I am in favor the naturally curly outreach program.


2 Responses to “Target’s Naturally Curly Outreach”

  1. I am SUPER excited to see Jane Carter Solution products in Target…..especially Nourish & Shine!!! (I swear it has to be the best stuff on Earth)

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