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Randomonia June 11, 2010

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So I never made it to the mall the other day.

But I went today and I got some chrome lace chic prints from Sephora. I’ll do them tomorrow.

I also got some Clinique Acne Solutions at Sephora. I decided to bite the bullet and try it. Today was day 1 well a 1/2 day really. But I’ll monitor my progress. I also got some cute stuff at Macy’s and The Limited.

But above all …

I had my hair in micro micro twists for pretty much all of May (maybe a day or two shy of the whole month). So I’ve been taking them out over the past few days. I finally finished last night and soaked my hair with Oyin Honey Hemp overnight and washed this morning. So I used some IC Polisher Olive Oil Gel and hit the streets. I have never gotten so many hair compliments in one day in my life. I even had a woman ask me if my hair was a weave and several people ask me for the step by step process. I basically followed the Kinky Curly Custard directions with a different product. I have intensely amazing shrinkage so my hair doesn’t hang really it is just super defined and popping curls are everywhere. So we’ll see what day two holds…


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