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school days (day18) August 23, 2010

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There is something about the first day of school

even when you are no longer a student

there is the excitement or expectation

i work in public education and have for several years

but i always wake up early the first day

here goes another year 2010-2011


day 16 (baby season) August 21, 2010

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I am loosing track of days. So I think it’s 16.

I have been busy packing and getting ready for school to start.

I just found out my friend is having twins and they are supposed to make their appearance Monday.

I knew she was pregnant but she lives in the northwest so somehow I missed the update about twin girls.

I always thought I wanted twins who knows what will happen now

it’s baby season or so it seems.

one friend had a baby last week I’m going to baby shower today another birth MOnday a friend due in september and a cousin in october.

baby’s are coming from every direction

shopping for little tiny clothes and accessories makes me think about us having a baby

I wonder when does our baby season start

God knows


day 12 August 18, 2010

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Summer is coming to a screeching halt
But I found out I’m going to be working with one of my good friends.
I went into the school today
It’s funny a totally different atmosphere with no kids or only teachers children.
Everybody’s happy and excited
Adding students to the mix really does something…
But it’s catching even I’m looking forward to it.
Only 2 school days and 4 weekdays to go
Man summer went fast


day 9 August 15, 2010

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great service this morning

God is good

the less flesh the more spirit you can hear, feel, see, etc

we’re about a month away from the retreat

I met God at the lake yesterday

I really felt Him

I felt loved, accepted, and freed, and everything I needed to feel at that very moment

I left lighter and encouraged.


day 8 August 14, 2010

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we babysat the little cousins today.

i like kids and want my own…. someday.

but sitting in a quiet apartment is nice.

peace and quiet never overrated.


day 7

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So I haven’t been so good about daily post over the 40 days but i’ll get better. Yesterday a prayer was answered k and I agreed on our new place in the right place if you know what I mean. And today one go my friends gave birth to a baby girl. Isn’t God good? There is nothing to hard for him! Today when I was reading my bible I saw something I never noticed before. Hindering distraction opens up insight.


Day 5 August 11, 2010

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Today was just really peaceful.

I am blessed.

Taking the extra out of your life helps you to marinate on what’s essential.

Without the background noise prayer just flows better.

I am excited for September 17.