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Day 3 August 9, 2010

Filed under: follicles — eklove @ 9:31 pm

for my anniversary weekend I got my hair straightened. My husband requested the change. I also needed a trim so I was open. I went to the salon and came out with much shorter hair. approximately 4-5 inches shorter. My stylist stated that there were a lot of bad ends. I was still kinda shocked when I looked at the floor and saw long pieces. I plan to wear my hair straight a few more days and then wash and see what the curly results are. I thought I was going to reach bra strap by the end of August and was excited to see what my hair would be doing in December. Now my hair is to my collar-bone while straight. so we shall see…


so today i got a lot done

did some packing and work for my man

and finished a book i was reading

and it was peaceful

i felt more focused without my oh so entertaining distractions

and truthfully i never got bored

i thought deep thoughts and light hearted ones too

i had a great day let’s see what day 4 holds


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