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randomization March 13, 2010

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so ABDC …

I watched it last night because I dvr’d it Thursday.

One of my top two bit the dust but I also didn’t love the performance.

My on the fence third favorite did a smashing job

and since the old number two got booted Poreotix is my new number two  

I also really appreciated Jungle Boogie

Blueprint Cru did fabulous again.

I really think that Heavy Impact should have been able to stay and the random jump ropers went home. Ugh. I also thought Hype 5-0 was random. If those two had went instead then Static Noyze could have redeemed themselves in the future.  Whatever that’s a whole other rant of the un reality of reality TV.

next topic

my hair. I had been trying to get in touch with this woman who has a fabulous website and does amazing things with natural hair. Well I have called twice over the past 3 weeks and no response. Then yesterday evening I get a call back after I had moved on and made an appointment with a cool salon which may or may not be a better idea for me and my hair.

I tried to call back last night and today to the original salon. No response. So I am still deciding if I should just give up on her and go with my appointment for Thursday or what. I mean if she is this hard to get ahold of how will that work for longevity? I am looking for a hair relationship. Up until now I only went to the salon about 4 or 5 at the most times a year. It was usually just for trims or an occasional style. But K wants me to get my hair done more and I am inclined to go along with that because of my increasing length  it takes more time. But I do like doing my own hair.

next topic

my health plan

well this week was not so hot I do so much better when i plan better

I was rushing and working hard so unfortunately that meant eating some junk but such is life

I had cravings for my healthy snacks so that’s good

I forgot to post my current stats earlier

I am 5’4 1/2  and weigh 141

My normal stats same height and 130

so my goal is to get rid of 6-11 pounds.


healthy living March 7, 2010

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So… I have never had any weight issues my whole life.
Last year I got married and turned 29…
I hadn’t gained weight since 8th grade.
I played sports (specifically ran track) through college.
I finished my athletic career in 06… No weight issues or concerns
and then 2010 comes along and my body isn’t as fabulous.
My husband says it’s not a big deal
I can agree to an extent but at the same time
I don’t want to have a trend of gaining weight
I like my clothes and I like them to fit
I’ve been the same weight for 15 years and pretty much planned on staying there for the rest of my life.
Now I’m looking into health options
I am not too concerned about the fitness aspect I just need to be committed

I have a gym membership and am knowledgeable about weight lifting and fitness routines
But K and I need to eat better. I did fairly well single. But now we eat out all the time and don’t eat balanced meals.
We are busy and eat what’s quick and available.
So I’ve been trying to drink green smoothies  (http://www.greensmoothiegirl.com/) for breakfast and bring better snacks to work. I also have been reading The Green Physicians RX for Health & Wellness by Jordan Rubin (http://www.jordanrubin.com/). He has a 49 day plan in the book. We might try that. I want to be back to my normal weight by May but April would be better.
My aim is 11 pounds. And I would like to have a sustainable health and fitness routine as well.