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day 12 August 18, 2010

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Summer is coming to a screeching halt
But I found out I’m going to be working with one of my good friends.
I went into the school today
It’s funny a totally different atmosphere with no kids or only teachers children.
Everybody’s happy and excited
Adding students to the mix really does something…
But it’s catching even I’m looking forward to it.
Only 2 school days and 4 weekdays to go
Man summer went fast


day 7 August 14, 2010

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So I haven’t been so good about daily post over the 40 days but i’ll get better. Yesterday a prayer was answered k and I agreed on our new place in the right place if you know what I mean. And today one go my friends gave birth to a baby girl. Isn’t God good? There is nothing to hard for him! Today when I was reading my bible I saw something I never noticed before. Hindering distraction opens up insight.


nails nails August 4, 2010

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I used to be super active about new polish and creating designs and all that in high school and college.

Then I just kinda fell off but this summer I have been getting back into polishing and manicures at least.

So since spring I have been searching for a good yellow and a gray.

I already got the yellow

But recently got the gray from Avon Urban Grey.

It’s the perfect shade dusky and light.


Rdm part 2 June 17, 2010

Sixth I may be the only person in the world who doesn’t know who Justin Beiber is
Poreotix was in the Beiber Usher video that was cool (Poreotix not the video~ just to be clear) It was a fitting world premier to highlight  for a dance show.
Seventh I wonder if Kelly Rowland’s hair was real or not she should switch to the natural side it worked for her.

Eighth Are male dancers extra sensitive? Why were the boys bawling their eyes out on SYTYCD?


Tenth Why do men think its cute to wear two long (mid back) french braids?

Twelveth Where has Ray Allen been lately? The three pointers where are they?

Thirteenth I love DVR

Fourteenth Paul pierce is the truth

Fifteenth Rondo’s shoes are really green

Sixteenth Chic Prints got compliments but only really lasted one day. I wore them longer (4 days) though and it was only the very tip that was loosening up. So if they made it so you don’t have to do so much work to the tips I bet they would last longer.


random thoughts

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First anyone notice the world music awards have many many Americans. In most categories more than any other country.

Second is that random to have topless women as semi background dancers? (I use the word dancer loosely)

Third they introduced Ludacris as being from Champaign IL and then he twice mentions he’s from Atlanta. I guess he doesn’t want to claim his Midwest roots.

Fourth why do reality shows let people vote? People will watch regardless (real world, survivor, design star, apprentice, etc)

Fifth I think I like so you think you can dance


chic prints June 12, 2010

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So chic prints
Way more work than I thought
Look a lot like stickers
I wasn’t able to get them smooth at the tips.
You have to use scissors and a file with these.
Ill see how long they last but at this point I’m not thinking they are worth $15.

Avon used to make something similar only it was nail polish and easy to use and no tools necessary.  I could do those ones in the car.


Randomonia June 11, 2010

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So I never made it to the mall the other day.

But I went today and I got some chrome lace chic prints from Sephora. I’ll do them tomorrow.

I also got some Clinique Acne Solutions at Sephora. I decided to bite the bullet and try it. Today was day 1 well a 1/2 day really. But I’ll monitor my progress. I also got some cute stuff at Macy’s and The Limited.

But above all …

I had my hair in micro micro twists for pretty much all of May (maybe a day or two shy of the whole month). So I’ve been taking them out over the past few days. I finally finished last night and soaked my hair with Oyin Honey Hemp overnight and washed this morning. So I used some IC Polisher Olive Oil Gel and hit the streets. I have never gotten so many hair compliments in one day in my life. I even had a woman ask me if my hair was a weave and several people ask me for the step by step process. I basically followed the Kinky Curly Custard directions with a different product. I have intensely amazing shrinkage so my hair doesn’t hang really it is just super defined and popping curls are everywhere. So we’ll see what day two holds…