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Day 3 August 9, 2010

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for my anniversary weekend I got my hair straightened. My husband requested the change. I also needed a trim so I was open. I went to the salon and came out with much shorter hair. approximately 4-5 inches shorter. My stylist stated that there were a lot of bad ends. I was still kinda shocked when I looked at the floor and saw long pieces. I plan to wear my hair straight a few more days and then wash and see what the curly results are. I thought I was going to reach bra strap by the end of August and was excited to see what my hair would be doing in December. Now my hair is to my collar-bone while straight. so we shall see…


so today i got a lot done

did some packing and work for my man

and finished a book i was reading

and it was peaceful

i felt more focused without my oh so entertaining distractions

and truthfully i never got bored

i thought deep thoughts and light hearted ones too

i had a great day let’s see what day 4 holds


day 2 August 8, 2010

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it’s my 1st anniversary!                                            a year ago today


40 day fast (day 1)

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we are doing a 40 day fast as part of a women’s event at my church.

today is day one.

we are fasting from TV and/or other choice entertainment up to the day we start our retreat.

this is an annual event in previous years i didn’t really watch tv so I always gave up internet surfing.

so this year is going to be a bit different for me

I am going to do   partial TV (only watch with the hubster) and non internet except work email, this blog, and personal email checks sparingly.


nails nails August 4, 2010

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I used to be super active about new polish and creating designs and all that in high school and college.

Then I just kinda fell off but this summer I have been getting back into polishing and manicures at least.

So since spring I have been searching for a good yellow and a gray.

I already got the yellow

But recently got the gray from Avon Urban Grey.

It’s the perfect shade dusky and light.


random car stuff

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Car maintenance is a necessary evil

My thing is that every time I go in for something simple it turns out to be so much more.

I took one of our cars for an oil change and new wipers and came out with 4 new tires, new brakes, and the stuff I initially needed.

Today I took the other car for an oil change and found out a I had a flat tire that was beyond repair.

But such is life. I like the place we go to though.

They have a rewards system and rebates. So today I used a gift card to pay for the services.


July 30, 2010

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prayer is powerful
worrying is useless
stress is overrated
time is wasted
hopes are fleeting
tears are useless
fears are destructive
BUT God is faithful


To Bantu or no to Bantu July 28, 2010

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So I hear people love bantu knot outs

I appreciated them when I had locs they worked extremely well for curly styles

I haven’t had a successful set with loose hair though


I did a bantu knot out  on dry hair and it worked. It came out curly and with better consistency than a twist out. It had a full body look without having to fluff or lift the roots. So I tried it again and go the same/similar results. Re-knoting at night is no big deal I do about ten knots sans parts and go to bed. I also knot them kinda loose so I don’t get a headache.  So tan t-shirt is day 3 and green is day 4. The main difference is I added some Whipped Shea Pudding day 3 evening so day 4 has more defined ends and looks lusher to me.