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ahh a random summer day July 27, 2010

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sometimes life seems to slow…

and then you find out what your are made of by how you fill it

…endless hours of daytime television

…surfing the net

…gossiping with anyone who will answer the phone

…cleaning and/or organizing

….taking a walk to see what nature has to offer

… sleeping

today i  did a plethora of things

i worked out on the track early this morning. (first time running on the track in at least 2 years).

i can home had some quiet devotion time cleaned the bathrooms took a shower

then chilled with the hubster organized photos on the computer made tuna and banana bread

and caught up on the blogs i follow and it’s only 2:13

hopefully i will get motivated to pack up winter clothes and extra towels

i really don’t like moving

this move seems stressful

we need to move we need more space

he wants to move to a and i want to move to b

which aren’t different places but different cities

some decisions aren’t simple and neat

some decisions aren’t safe

some decisions are life altering

we NEED to make the right one…