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To Bantu or no to Bantu July 28, 2010

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So I hear people love bantu knot outs

I appreciated them when I had locs they worked extremely well for curly styles

I haven’t had a successful set with loose hair though


I did a bantu knot out  on dry hair and it worked. It came out curly and with better consistency than a twist out. It had a full body look without having to fluff or lift the roots. So I tried it again and go the same/similar results. Re-knoting at night is no big deal I do about ten knots sans parts and go to bed. I also knot them kinda loose so I don’t get a headache.  So tan t-shirt is day 3 and green is day 4. The main difference is I added some Whipped Shea Pudding day 3 evening so day 4 has more defined ends and looks lusher to me.


Randomonia June 11, 2010

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So I never made it to the mall the other day.

But I went today and I got some chrome lace chic prints from Sephora. I’ll do them tomorrow.

I also got some Clinique Acne Solutions at Sephora. I decided to bite the bullet and try it. Today was day 1 well a 1/2 day really. But I’ll monitor my progress. I also got some cute stuff at Macy’s and The Limited.

But above all …

I had my hair in micro micro twists for pretty much all of May (maybe a day or two shy of the whole month). So I’ve been taking them out over the past few days. I finally finished last night and soaked my hair with Oyin Honey Hemp overnight and washed this morning. So I used some IC Polisher Olive Oil Gel and hit the streets. I have never gotten so many hair compliments in one day in my life. I even had a woman ask me if my hair was a weave and several people ask me for the step by step process. I basically followed the Kinky Curly Custard directions with a different product. I have intensely amazing shrinkage so my hair doesn’t hang really it is just super defined and popping curls are everywhere. So we’ll see what day two holds…


oldie transformed April 9, 2010

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So I wanted to do something interesting, cute, and low maintenance. I saw Mop Top Maven’s youtube video about how she does her braid outs. Braid outs are not a new style for me but I utilized some of her tips.
1. I usually don’t worry about detangling my hair
2. I am inconsistent with product use.
3. I don’t always braid all the way to the end or put product on the ends.
So I did the braids using her tips. I used oyin shine and define and burnt sugar pomade. I did the braids on freshly washed still dripping hair. I left them in for 2 days and took them out on my way downtown with my husband. It came out great. Today is day two and I went to the gym this morning still looking good. Mine doesn’t really show much length but it was very defined. I like it though it gives that fresh cut look.


new ‘do March 20, 2010

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So I finally went and checked out Salon Heaven www.salonheaven.com . It’s a beautiful spot. A south loop loft salon. There are deep purple walls and exposed bricks. A nice ambiance and stylish accents were also high notes. So my agenda going in was to get a trim and a braid twist combo style. And I came out 2+ hours later with a trim and a flat iron. I am ecstatic about the long over due trim. I truly should have went last month. To me the flat iron is a non style. Basically I wasn’t confident (as was the stylist or so it seemed) about executing what I asked for. So I decided to just head home and planned to do my hair Saturday. So last night I did like 8-10 pin curls and put a little Oyin Burnt Sugar Pomade www.oyinhandmade.com on the ends and then them out this morning. I haven’t had my hair straight for real in about 6 years. It was a bit odd looking at myself in the mirror. K said I looked like a different person. So the pin curls came out great and  I got some body. People went wild at work. I got a lot of your hair looks so pretty and I didn’t know who you were’s. It was random to get so much attention. But the best compliment was “cute hair but your styles are always cute”. This is not new news but many black folks still favor straight hair. But all in all I had a good experience at Salon Heaven. And it seems that other stylists are well versed in natural styling from braids to locs. So I will likely try them again.